New! PETRA Plus – Personal Patrolman Tracker

New! PETRA Plus – Personal Patrolman Tracker

The GALIL-PETRA Plus is a compact, extremely user-friendly high performance personal Patrolman tracking & monitoring unit.

By adding Dallas Reader to the PETRA unit it turns to be a Patrol Online tracker (PETRA+) that offers full monitoring option on your Patrolman.

The PETRA+ is mostly targeted towards Security Guards and Patrolman.

It has an extra long battery life, and has an easy to use interface.

The PETRA+ has two push buttons that can be use to send Emergency signal to control center.

The PETRA+ offers the following unique capabilities:

Built-in GSM antenna, internal GPS antenna, motion detect, high sensitivity GPS for operation in low signal strength environments, built-in back-up battery, low power consumption and more.

The PETRA+ can also send its position after receiving SMS request command while it is in deep sleep mode.

Instead of working in the old method by using an offline patrol tool, The PETRA+ offers online patrol tracking that gives the Control Room many tools to monitor the patrolman job.

The control manager can define few alerts that can be based on route schedule and can easily alerted when something is wrong in the patrolman shift.

Technichal information

Hardware components

GSM: Telit – GE865-QUAD .

Quad-band EGSM 850/900/1800/1900.

GPRS class 10.

Built-in Antenna.

Integrated SimCard reader.

Communication Method: TCP/IP over GPRS. GPRS/SMS – only. GPRS with Data logger backup.

GPS: Telit - SL869 V2 (GNSS) .

Frequency Bands: GPS (L1), GLONASS (L1, FDMA), Galileo (E1), BeiDou (B1).

Standards: NMEA.

33 track verification channels.

Positional Accuracy (CEP50): 3 m.

Time To First Fix (@ -130 dBm) – Hot Start: 1 s – Cold Start: ‹ 28 s.

A-GPS: local ephemeris prediction.

A-GPS: server predicted ephemeris.

Jammer rejection.


Antenna – Internal.

Electrical characteristics

Charging Voltage: 5v USB DC.

Current consumption: Standby mode < 1mA.

Backup Battery: Rechargeable Li-ion polymer 3.7V, 2000mA.

Other characteristics

Temperature Range:

Normal Operation -20˚C to +60˚C.

Extreme Operation -30˚C to +80˚C.

Storage condition -30˚C to +85˚C.

Dimensions (HxWxL): (122mm) x (32-40mm) x (24mm).

Weight: 0.120Kg.

Enclosure: Water proof Plastic case.

Other Components:

2 buttons.

3 status leds.

Onboard buzzer.

Onboard accelometer defined as motion sensor.

Onboard Microphone (option).

Micro USB connector.