New! Smartphone APP – Alarm notifications and more…

New! Smartphone APP – Alarm notifications and more…

TECH360 Mobile App provide user the information he is searching real-time.

Compatible with IoS & Android smart phones, user can track its personal or motorcycle device and be updated on line on device status.

TECH360 Mobile App give the user a quick view of critical information and alerts.

TECH360 Mobile App is user friendly with graphic interface that enables to control the PETRA or BITRA unit remotely and to receive the essential information and alerts from them.

TECH360 Mobile App enable to get a control over the BITRA motorcycle unit by mean of: real time location on goggle Map, getting alerts of any theft event such as tow-tilt, shock, IGN and battery cut off alarms.

User can easily Arms and Disarms the system, get information of Ignition status (on/off) and alarm status.

Using TECH360 Mobile App and private sim-card user can have a full security and tracking device that can be remotely controlled and on line monitored without any need to pay monthly fee to anyone.