PETRA – Advanced Personal Tracker

PETRA – Advanced Personal Tracker

The GALIL-PETRA is a compact, extremely user-friendly high performance personal tracking unit that can also be used as an asset tracking unit.

The GALIL-PETRA™ has two push buttons that can be use to send Emergency signal to control center or SMS to pre-defined cellphone numbers.

The GALIL-PETRA™ offers the following unique capabilities: Built-in GSM antenna, internal GPS antenna, motion detect, high sensitivity GPS for operation in low signal strength environments, built-in back-up battery, low power consumption and more.

OTA firmware upgrade

Every single parameter of the unit, and even the firmware as a whole, can be remotely programmed OTA (over the air), enabling the remote upgrade of the unit with new features and settings, without the need for removal or re- installation of the unit.

Thus saving on high expenses, labor force and the disabling and enabling of vehicles for lengthy hours.

Technichal information

Hardware components

GSM: Telit – GE865-QUAD .

Quad-band EGSM 850/900/1800/1900.

GPRS class 10.

Built-in Antenna.

Integrated SimCard reader.

Communication Method: TCP/IP over GPRS. GPRS/SMS – only. GPRS with Data logger backup.

GPS: Telit - SL869 V2 (GNSS) .

Frequency Bands: GPS (L1), GLONASS (L1, FDMA), Galileo (E1), BeiDou (B1).

Standards: NMEA.

33 track verification channels.

Positional Accuracy (CEP50): 3 m.

Time To First Fix (@ -130 dBm) – Hot Start: 1 s – Cold Start: ‹ 28 s.

A-GPS: local ephemeris prediction.

A-GPS: server predicted ephemeris.

Jammer rejection.


Antenna – Internal.

Electrical characteristics

Charging Voltage: 5v USB DC.

Current consumption: Standby mode < 1mA.

Backup Battery: Rechargeable Li-ion polymer 3.7V, 2000mA.

Other characteristics

Personal & Asset – Tracking Solution

Temperature Range:

Normal Operation -20˚C to +60˚C.

Extreme Operation -30˚C to +80˚C.

Storage condition -30˚C to +85˚C.

Dimensions (HxWxL): (122mm) x (32-40mm) x (24mm).

Weight: 0.120Kg.

Enclosure: Water proof Plastic case.

Other Components:

2 buttons.

3 status leds.

Onboard buzzer.

Onboard accelometer defined as motion sensor.

Onboard Microphone (option).

Micro USB connector.